I am a professional dancer, but can’t imagine giving up singing

I am a professional dancer and dance professor.



I am a professional dancer, but can’t imagine giving up singing…

February 18, 2011

I sing because I have always enjoyed singing and performing. I sang in ensembles in college and feel lucky that Philadelphia has so many singing opportunities. I am a professional dancer, but I can’t imagine giving up my singing practice. I heard that Mendelssohn Club had an excellent reputation, so I joined as soon as I moved to Philadelphia. I’ve been so thrilled to be on the same stage as the Philadelphia orchestra and chamber orchestra.
I’ve really enjoyed the melodies of the Requiem and I’ve learned a lot from Dilworth’s conducting style and pedagogy. His music keeps me energized at the end of a long day and his teaching exercises give me the chance to finally move to the music. It is culturally-specific that much choral music is performed while standing still. I prefer cultural models that value the combination of dance and music. I am a teacher and recognize Dilworth’s gift of showing (not simply telling) our choir how to sing his compositions. I think his music will be an audience hit!