I love a whole range of choral music

I worked as a lawyer for Campbell Soup Company for 32 years, retiring four years ago. Prior to that I worked in law firms in Newark, NJ and in Philadelphia. For the last twelve years at Campbell I was Vice President-Legal responsible, among other things, for food law and advertising compliance. I was also Chair of the Corporate Worldwide Crisis Team, dealing with potential or ongoing food recalls, and with an occasional extortion case for variety. I still consult for the Company. I was an adjunct professor at Rutgers-Camden Law School from 1995 to 2005, and at Saint Joseph's University from 2006 to 2010. My continuing interests include much reading (reverting to type as an English major), serious running and other exercise (age-adjusted), travel (including Antarctica), and volunteer tutoring of math and reading in an elementary school in Philadelphia.


I love a whole range of choral music…

February 18, 2011

I love a whole range of choral music from the 15th century on, and thrive on the variety of our repertoire.  I particularly wanted to sing large choral works, something I had scarcely done in more than 40 years.
I take singing lessons and participate in student recitals. I get great satisfaction if I can make a piece my own, while being faithful to the composer’s intentions.
I had never sung in a choral group of the quality of the Mendelssohn Club; indeed I had never had a serious audition since college glee club some 45 years earlier. I had seen Mendelssohn Club performances regularly since I met Roberta (Rote) in 2003, and marveled at the group’s sound. With gentle encouragement I successfully auditioned in January 2005; we married in May of that year. It’s been a demanding but rewarding experience–(singing in the Mendelssohn Club, that is, not the marriage. The marriage has been rewarding without being demanding.)
I unfortunately had to drop out of rehearsals and this concert, because of illness.  I did attend a couple of rehearsals of the Durufle and was looking forward to performing it.  I had sung some chants years ago, and loved it a lot.
I wish I had been able to experience more of Rollo Dilworth. I was there for the first rehearsal he attended, and marveled how he was shaping sounds and lines.  I fully intend to be an engaged member of the audience.