How did you hear about and join Mendelssohn Club? I’ve known about MC for years and have gone to performances over that time period. I think the first I heard about MC was from Dave Simpson, a fellow poet, who was a long-standing member. The clincher for me was seeing the Anthracite Fields performance in 2014. I […]

Did you know that Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia provides Braille programs free of charge for the visually impaired?  When purchasing your ticket, simply request one in the notes field of your ticket purchase. A few years after joining Mendelssohn Club, I started thinking about how great it would be if we could provide our program […]

“Diligent, but dull.” That’s how one critic described my conducting after a performance of the Brahm’s Requiem early in my career, over 40 years ago.  I was stunned and humbled, but his curt critique led me to a powerful epiphany. Since I first taught myself to play an old piano that I discovered in my […]

Look for this article in an upcoming Chamber of Commerce eNews this fall… In my firm, I’m the late shift. Of my partners at Environetics, a Center City architectural/interior design/engineering firm, I am the only one who lives in the city and walks to work. Since I’m not fighting traffic, I get in a little […]

MARTIN L. I love a whole range of choral music… February 18, 2011 I love a whole range of choral music from the 15th century on, and thrive on the variety of our repertoire.  I particularly wanted to sing large choral works, something I had scarcely done in more than 40 years. I take singing […]

  ELLEN GERDES I am a professional dancer, but can’t imagine giving up singing… February 18, 2011 I sing because I have always enjoyed singing and performing. I sang in ensembles in college and feel lucky that Philadelphia has so many singing opportunities. I am a professional dancer, but I can’t imagine giving up my […]

JEAN SUGARS Singing has been one of my loves since childhood… February 17, 2011 I sing because it has been one of my loves since childhood and I enjoy it so much. When I joined Mendelssohn Club in 1970, it was because I had been in concert choir in college and wanted to continue singing; […]

DAN O. What inspires me to sing? February 16, 2011 1. Nobody claps when I practice law.   2. Making music – really BEAUTIFUL music – feels so much more creative than anything else I do. To add beauty to the world, rather than just scratching out a living, is very fulfilling. 3. I really […]

 LESLIE K. I have been singing since before I could talk! February 15, 2011   I have been singing since before I could talk! I wanted to join Mendelssohn Club to meet other singers in Philadelphia and to make beautiful music.  The pace of learning the music in Mendelssohn Club is very fast. Having over […]

ROBERTA R. Why do I sing? February 14, 2011 Why do I sing? Because it is such a comprehensive experience of physical work, mental engagement and emotional thrill. I find that my vocal studies never have to end since, in music, there is always a new and better way to express oneself. From college onward, […]