PHIL J. I don’t sing because I’m happy…I’m happy because I sing. February 13, 2011 There’s an old New Yorker cartoon showing a bird on a branch; it’s saying, “I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.” I joined Mendelssohn Club when I first moved to Philadelphia and knew very few people; […]

JENNIFER HAYMAN Oh My Lord Didn’t It Rain! February 8, 2011 Spending time with a chorus chock full of lingering coughs and sniffles on a rainy night in February may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you still have a two-hour commute ahead of you.  But Rollo Dillworth seemed not to mind.  In […]

JANELLE MCCOY In the Presence of a Master February 7, 2011 One of the many joys of commissioning a composer is the collaboration that unfolds among performer(s), composer and organization.  Few better examples exist than our experience working with Composer/Conductor/Singer/Pianist Rollo Dilworth.  Is there anything he can’t do?  We’ve had the distinct pleasure of having […]

BILL HORAN A change-up in choral rehearsing (with a little ethnomusicology to taste) February 7, 2011 It’s amazing the opportunities one gets when performing in choirs. For a lot of choirs like Mendelssohn Club, it’s mainly the standard ensemble-on-the-risers performing. And, every once in a while, some choreography gets mixed in (see David Lang’s “Battle […]

SARA GAO Being Away November 19, 2010 A 2.5 hours flight delay gives me some time for writing. Work has been overwhelming after Brahms concert. Every week starts with meetings at Philadelphia head office on Monday, flying out to different locations across the country on Tuesday, visiting clients one after another and flying back home […]

DAN SIMPSON Flavors of Intimacy November 5, 2010 Intimacy comes in an almost infinite number of flavors. For lack of better classification, let’s divide those flavors into two major categories: the mediated and the unmediated. You can get mediated intimacy through art, for example, through singing or listening to music, through reading. You could then […]

REX Maestro retired – he’s all in my business now October 19, 2010 Life used to be predictable.  Wake up with the Maestro before dawn.  Go for walk.  Maestro goes to gym.  Maestro comes back and takes shower.  Maestro gets ready for Temple U.  Go for walk again.  Maestro leaves for many hours.  I’m blissfully […]

KAREN BEBEE Transition from Beethoven to Brahms October 18, 2010 Singing Beethoven’s 9th sure does wake a person up! I was SSOO tired during Saturday’s orchestra rehearsal with the Kennett Symphony, I didn’t know how I would get through the night’s performance. Maybe it was the adrenaline, but the evening’s performance turned out pretty well. […]

  ERIN SWANSON Our Requiem Soprano October 14, 2010 Erin Swanson, our soprano soloist for the Brahms Requiem, shared her thoughts with us as she is working towards our October 24th BIG SING//Brahms concert. –Janelle McCoy   Is this your first time performing the Requiem as a soloist? I have never sung the Requiem solo […]

BRIAN HOYOS Performance Season At Its Fullest… October 13, 2010 I can’t believe our first concert is this Saturday! Seems like yesterday I was running around Saratoga trying to find a black suit jacket, then being mesmerized by the baton of Maestro Dutoit. I’ve sang the 9th over 15 times with different orchestras but none […]