Tom Purdom in Broad Street Review February 10, 2015 The classical tradition may seem fixed, but it’s actually shaped by a never-ending dialogue. In the last week, Orchestra 2001 and the Mendelssohn Club presented concerts that highlighted two aspects of that dialogue: Orchestra 2001 looked at the current state of the cultural dialogue between Asia […]

Tom Purdom – Broad Street Review April 30, 2014 Before God I assert that those who consume the coal and you and I who benefit from that service because we live in comfort, we owe protection to those men and we owe the security to their families if they die. That statement by John L. Lewis, […]

by Tom Purdom – Broad Street Review February 27, 2014 My February meanderings exposed me to two 21st-century pieces that deserve some attention: Arvo Pärt’s 2010 Adam’s Lament, performed by the Mendelssohn Club, and a new harp concerto by French composer Michel Legrand, premiered by the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia with the composer’s wife, Catherine […]

Mendelssohn Club and Orchestra 2001 opened their seasons with a joint concert that showcased two of Philadelphia’s major regional assets and spanned a broad range of modern styles. The four pieces on the program encompassed minimalism, late 20th Century ceremonial music, challenging abstract music and the kind of impassioned treatment of major subjects that seems […]