past commissions

Dedicated to the ongoing vitality of the choral art, Mendelssohn Club and Alan Harler have made a significant commitment to the commissioning of new choral music, and have commissioned and premiered over 50 new works since 1990, including Julia Wolfe’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Anthracite Fields (2013), David Lang’s battle hymns (2009), Jennifer Higdon’s On the Death of the Righteous, and the 2015 world premiere of Byron Au Yong’s dance-choral work TURBINE. This commitment has earned Mendelssohn Club the 2013 ASCAP/Chorus America Award for Adventurous Programming. Mendelssohn Club has also been honored with an award from the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations for “bringing the community together in song” through Harler’s multicultural concert programming.

2016 Andrea Clearfield Alleluia
2016 Robert Maggio Alleluia
2016 Jennifer Higdon Alleluia
2016 James Primosch Alleluia
2015 Kile Smith Agnus Dei
2015 Byron Au Yong TURBINE
2013 Julia Wolfe Anthracite Fields
2013 Donald St. Pierre Watchman, Tell Us of the Night
2012 Jeremy Gill Before the Wresting Tides
2012 Donald St. Pierre In the Company of Angels
2012 Robert Moran A SATB rewriting of Trinity Requiem
2012 Andrea Clearfield Tse Go La
2012 Donald St. Pierre Morning Has Broken
2011 Rollo Dilworth RAIN SEQUENCE
2010 Donald St. Pierre Three Carols
2009 Donald St. Pierre A Visit from St. Nicholas
2009 David Lang battle hymns
text inspired by writings by Abraham Lincoln, Stephen Foster and Sullivan Ballou, a Civil War soldier
2009 Robert Maggio
Cynthia Folio
Peter Hilliard
Into the Light
I, Too, Can Sing a Dream
Consider Krakatau

Co-commissioned with Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus and Ana Crusis Choir
2009 Jennifer Higdon On the Death of the Righteous
text by John Donne
written to be paired with Verdi Requiem
2008 Anthony Mosakowski Resonet in laudibus
2008 Pauline Oliveros Urban ECHO: Circle Told
Movement and sound improvisation created with Leah Stein – co-commissioned with the Leah Stein Dance Company
2008 Maurice Wright Vox Humana
for chorus and electroacoustic sound
2007 Donald St. Pierre Caído se la ha un Clavel / A Carnation Has Fallen
text from a Christmas poem by Luis de Góngora
2006 Donald St. Pierre little tree
text from a Christmas poem by e. e. cummings
2006 Jan Krzywicki Fortuna
written to be paired with Orff’s Carmina Burana
2006 Andrea Clearfield The Golem Psalms
based on the legend of the Golem of Prague
2005 Donald St. Pierre A New Song
based on a Norwegian folk hymn
2005 Kim D. Sherman The Happiest and Unhappiest of Men
text from the writings of Beethoven
2004 Donald St. Pierre Agnus Dei
written to complete the text of Mozart’s unfinished Mass in C minor
2004 Jay Krush Fanfare Felix
processional for Mendelssohn Club’s 130th Anniversary concert
2003 Donald St. Pierre Billings with Brass
arrangements of hymns by William Billings
2003 Charles Fussell High Bridge
based on the poetry of Hart Crane
2002 Donald St. Pierre Love Came Down at Christmas
text from the poetry of Christina Rossetti
2001 Donald St. Pierre Memento mori
written to be paired with Stravinsky’s Les Noces
1999 Donald St. Pierre Ite missa est
written to be paired with Beethoven’s Mass in C Major
1999 Alice Parker Sing Now of Peace
written for Mendelssohn Club’s 125th Anniversary
1999 Jay Krush A Fanfare for the Chorus
processional for Mendelssohn Club’s 125th Anniversary concert
1998 James Primosch Fire-Memory/River-Memory
based on the poetry of Denise Levertov
1996 Donald St. Pierre Songs of Sweet Accord
written to be paired with Britten’s Ceremony of Carols
1996 Roberto Sierra Lux Aeterna
written to complement Brahms’ German Requiem
1995 Donald St. Pierre Shepherd
based on an American folk-hymn
1995 Jan Krzywicki Lute Music
written for the multicultural holiday program Golden Voices of the East
1995 Shui-Lung Ma America, Our Home
Written for a concert celebrating the 125th Anniversary of Philadelphia’s Chinatown
1995 Jonathan B. Holland Symphony (of Light)
written for African-American multicultural program
1995 Robert Moran Winni ille Pu
a Latin version of the popular A. A. Milne stories
1994 Kim D. Sherman A Winter Solstice Ritual
processional for the December holiday concerts
1994 Cynthia Folio Touch the Angel’s Hand
text from Fra Giovanni’s famous letter of consolation
1994 Robert Stern Returning the Song
written for the Chinese multicultural program Voices from the Bamboo Grove
1993 Charles Fussell Invocation
Mendelssohn Club’s performance was featured on NPR’s First Art program
1993 Ricky Ian Gordon Towards Independence
music taken from the play Towards Independence, which premiered at the American Music Theater Festival
1992 Jack Délano La Rosa y el Colibrí
written for the Hispanic multicultural program Songs of the New World
1992 Charles Fussell Specimen Days
written for the centenary of the death of Walt Whitman; recorded on the Koch International label
1991 Jan Krzywicki Poem
a choral vocalise inspired by the poetry of Robert Frost
1991 Byung Chul Choi The Apostle Song
commissioned for the Korean multicultural program An American Seoul
1991 Robert Moran Agnus Dei and Ite missa est
written to complete the text of Mozart’s unfinished Mass in C minor
1990 Osvaldo Golijov

Cantata de los Inocentes
written for December holiday concerts

1990 Robert Moran Requiem: Chant du Cygne
written to complement the Mozart Requiem,
recorded by Mendelssohn Club on the Argo label